About me.

Hello everyone!

I am a young Indian girl living in a small town in India and wish to share my experiences and the kind of life everyone leads in India.

My series of blogs are going to be a confrontational one, not a traditional one, as India is a land filled with endless traditions but no criticism which makes it a land full of abuse. 

The reason I have decided to start this blog is to shed light on some serious cultural issues here in India which have all been brushed under the carpet so that my friends living in India, who are as frustrated with this culture, can have some moral support that they are not alone.

To all my friends living overseas, you can get a better idea of the brutal side Indian culture which lies under the cover of festivals, culture, colors and the so-called-spirituality.

I hope with my blogs, I am able to bring some much needed changes in our messed up Indian society. Hoping for a better future for our current and next generation.

Big thanks to internet and blogging options where I can make my voice heard.

Happy reading!



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