Capital Punishment: Could we get any more barbaric?

Capital Punishment: We have finally become exactly who we hate!

Why do we have capital punishment? Are we God? Do we have any control over a person’s breath? How barbaric and uncivilized are we? Why does any country in the world has capital punishment? Has blood lust impaired our judgement? What if we have caught an innocent person? What if there was a error in investigation? What if the criminal was mental patient?

There are so many questions we need to ask ourselves before putting another human being on deathbed. Even for the worst possible crime, there should be life imprisonment. No country or law has any control over the breath of a human being. It is a shame on humanity that we still have this in practice. 

Keeping this situation in India, we had many cases where the country has yelled “hang him!”. There have been cases where a woman had committed suicide (for reasons unknown) and the crowd wanted to lynch her partner for no substantial cause. Whenever some person has been accused of a crime, even more so when it is a man, the population gets bloodthirsty and without giving any time for proper investigation, we hear screams like “hang him!”

We are either in slumber mode, or bloodlust mode.

Agreed that the police and judicial system are very slow and incompetent in India, but that gives no right to us to scream capital punishment for someone who has just been accused of a crime. What happened to the concept of “innocent until proven guilty”?

Even if guilty, that gives the us as citizens absolutely no right to scream for the convict’s murder. Remember, death is an easy way out. If you really want to punish someone, even if person has been convicted of a very serious crime, give them the curse of life. They must suffer through life through lifetime imprisonment. A rather moral and civilized, yet a brutal way, to punish the criminal. Indian prisons are so brutal anyway, that they will teach a lesson by themselves. lol

While screaming death penalty, we as public always assume that we are the victim. Do we ever think that tomorrow, it could be one us who is the accused or convicted? It could be someone we know: our father, our uncle, our brother, our friend, who could be accused of some crime and the public is waiting to lynch him, raising campaigns to hang him to death.

We will then hear questions from the common citizens like “Why think negative? Why do any crime to get accused? If you commit a crime, you don’t deserve to live.”

Do we realize that one can be falsely accused without committing a crime? Do we realize that one could be at the crime scene without realizing? Do we realize that the accused may be a mental patient? Do we realize that there could be a error in investigation which led to the accused?

There are several aspects of crime and investigation, and without competent police and bloodthirsty mob, chances are that it will only end up in killing the innocent and letting the real criminal walk free.

Like in the recent case of Delhi gang rape case in December 2012, the nation is screaming lynching and hanging the criminals. Do we realize that the very same people, who hold the same mindset as him, are same people that try to ban his speech, are same people that wants to hang him?

Even for the juvenile convict, the nation wants to hang him. Interestingly, had this juvenile convict not been a part of this crime, he still would have been treated as a kid. A infant rather. An infant who has no idea about the world and needs “elders” to guide him the way.

A messed up nation filled with barbarians. The same barbarians who talk about “the character and moral conduct of a woman”, the same barbarians who talk about the Nirbhaya documentary calling it a “conspiracy to defame India”. The same barbarians want to hang the convicts.

Have any of them have the guts to look his eye pop out when he is hanged?

The police too, are another set of scumbags to try to get a confession through physical assault and torture. After all, even they are appeasing the citizens. After a point, even an innocent person will breakdown and admit to a crime they may not have committed just to escape the assault and torture.

At least there is no physical assault or torture once the case reaches the courts. Yes, the judicial system in India has its own problems, like incompetency and lethargy, but still a better solution than the bloodthirsty citizens and police waiting to get their hands on anyone associated with the crime.

Unfortunately, the law and judicial system face immense pressure from the nation who are protesting and campaigning in mass numbers to hang the criminals. After all, it is the people who run the system. One can’t defy them much, even they are running wild with their uncivilized propaganda. It is a shame that even rich countries like USA have capital punishment.

Note: I am NOT in favor or justifying any crime or criminal. I am too in favor of punishing the people who commit crimes. But these things need to be approached in a civilized and practical way so that the real criminal is caught without causing further damage. Lifetime imprisonment is a rather reversible decision so that in case an innocent has been convicted, there are chances of repair. In the case of guilty, he wont be a part of society so that he wont be a threat to anyone without having blood in our hands.

Anyway, I hope people realize someday the seriousness and the flip side of capital punishment. But it is a long way to go.


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